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Our Tub Grinder, respectively known as the "Highway Contender," commits us to the highest level performance on large scale projects. Need to clear a lot, tract, acreage, road or right-of-way — the Highway Contender turns large tree piles, limbs and root balls to mulch — quickly and cleanly. For builders, contractors, and excavators the Tub Grinder is the simple, affordable way to clear underbrush and shred debris. For municipalities, it is an efficient and cost-effective method of choice for managing recycling programs, waste reduction and landfill reclamation.


Long Distance Availability — We have a crew dedicated to the Tub Grinder which is available independently or on a sub-contractor basis for commercial, government, and corps projects throughout the continental United States.

When you need performance on large and mega-scale projects that demand a high daily capacity, Big Bird’s "Highway Contender" delivers timely and cost effective results –  when it’s “Grinding v. Hauling,” you can save 30% to 50% by grinding.

For additional information, availability, or to schedule the "Highway Contender," call us at 972-228-8844 — it’s the clear way to growth!

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For Scheduling or Emergency Grinding Service: 972-228-8844

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Gary D. Stratmann – Certified Arborist (Subcontractor)
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