Superior Residential Tree Service

Proper care of your trees is important to their health and well being. We recommend our annual TreeCare Service Plan that features the trimming and removal of dead and diseased branches, excess growth, undesirable extensions, fertilization.

We are Removal Specialists — that have the knowledge and skill to safely remove damaged or dead branches and trees, then remove stumps and dispose of all debris returning the site to its near original state. 

Properly tended trees help ensure that your adjacent landscaping, ground cover and grasses thrive. Removal of suckers, deadwood and conflicting interior branches provides multiple benefits:

• Helps avoid serious disease
Helps landscaping thrive
• Opens shadows and increases filtered light
• Promotes growth
• Enhances tree’s attractiveness
• Compliments your residence
• Protects roof from wear due to overhanging branches
• Helps keep squirrels and other unwanted guests from entering your attic
• Reduces the possibility of storm damage resulting from falling branches and debris

Big Bird Tree Service Recommendations

How can I tell if my tree needs trimming or care? 
• Die back of branches
• Dead wood in tree
• Branches are scraping house
• Mistletoe invading tree
• Branches overhanging street or alley in violation of city ordinance
• Yellowing out in top of tree
• Leaves are browning
• Sap leaking from tree trunk
• Infecting cavities or wounds
• Splits or cracks in the crouches of tree
• Out of balance tree
• Out of proportion tree

When is the best time of year for fertilization? 
We recommend late winter through mid spring, March through mid May.

How far ahead can I schedule for your Treecare Service? 
Almost no time is too early. We welcome advance appointments and suggest that you schedule next year’s tree care service at the completion of your current service. 

Facts about Big Bird Tree Service

I only have one tree that requires trimming, is that too small of a project?
No, it is important properly trim and clear dead wood so as to maintain the health of your tree. We take care to trim your trees in a manner appropriate to their species. We also trim throughout the entire tree, not just the lower branches.  

How long does it take to complete a project?
A typical project can be completed in one day, and many in several hours.

Do you provide service to my area of the Metroplex? 
Please click on the right button at the bottom of the page for a complete listing of our service area by zip code.

Do your accept special projects outside of your normal service area? For instance, I have a treed lake property lot that I would like to service before sub-dividing?
Yes, we welcome special project outside of our normal service area. Additionally, our grinding and chipping capability eliminates any cleanup problem frequently present  at rural or remote sites.  

Value the Experience — Enjoy, take pride and increase your property’s value through Big Bird Tree Service — call us today at 972.228.8844.


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